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Sonoptix is an electronic music and visual arts label based in Cologne, Germany. Our repertoire is not limited to a single style. We are highly interested in crossovers because only unifying things which are not ment to be together offers the opportunity to discover something completely new.

We are all electronic music and visual artists by ourselves for over a decade and know about the difficulties artists may experience when it comes to the point selling their output. For this reason we offer fair deals to our artists and try to support them on every stage of their creative process.

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You on Sonoptix

We are currently looking for talented producers of all electronic music genres. The only premise is that your works should be somehow unique and highly danceable. To send a demo use our soundcloud dropbox or send us a download link via e-mail.

Get promotional copies

If you are a dj and would love to obtain promotional copies, drop a short message via soundcloud, twitter or e-mail containing a link to your website or another reference, e.g. resident advisor profile or myspace/facebook page. And of course tell us which songs you want to be provided with.


For any suggestions use the feedback tab on the left. If you want to contact us directly write an e-mail to

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